Whenever we look at corporate or programme futures, one of the core issues we face is that the project is unresourced or under-resourced in terms of the right people and dynamics.  By ensuring you have selected the right people with the right team dynamic, you increase the likelihood of your project completing successfully.

Dem Asia’s team dynamics programme creates team standards and programmes that assist company’s identify team ‘out players’.

Executive Reward and Performance

DEM Asia’s people advisers help clients create remuneration and reward policies that attract and retain the right employees.

DEM Asia designs executive compensation, employee incentive plans, base pay programs, and board of directors’ remuneration plans for clients.

We also help organisations develop their leadership teams by performing executive assessments to identify individual leadership strengths and weaknesses. We create practical development plans that help you increase management effectiveness and enhance organisational success.

A study by the Benchmarking Institute indicated 71% of directors say their CEO is highly effective. The most important task of a Board is to ensure that they select, remunerate and develop their CEO, but in only 44% of the 625 directors Board’s believed the performance appraisal of their CEO was handled well.  Boards need to do more to recalibrate the remuneration, including bonus expectations of the CEO and senior management, to ensure they are appropriate and linked to organisation performance.

Employee Engagement

Most employees know what they don’t want, fewer know what they really do want.”
It is essential that clear and effective internal communications are a key element in creating active employee engagement.

It is this engagement that connects staff with your business:

  • maintain morale and motivation
  • encourage staff to be “change” ambassadors
  • create organisational learning – staff are a vital source of information and ideas
  • provide a better customer service – informed front line and other staff will be up to speed on what’s happening and why.

Our advisers work with management to map a complete employee engagement plan, incorporating staff briefings and engagement workshops, information sharing and connectivity, creativity and detailed planning.



At DEM Asia we understand that acquisition and on-boarding costs are high, which makes organisational fit a critical enabler for any new hire to become effective quickly.

Knowing our people talent inside and out allows us to choose only those people we believe will be best suited, not only to succeed in the role but more importantly to do so in the most organic and seamless way possible. It is too often the case that “people value” is eroded too quickly when the recruitment process does not factor in both new business initiatives and the capabilities and personalities of the incumbent staffing team in which the new talent will operate.

While DEM Asia are experts in sourcing executive management and Board level executives to drive change, we do not limit ourselves to senior hires, and are just as adept at providing resources across all levels of business. In any case, our emphasis is focussed on ensuring a successful fit and assisting with the ongoing development of your growing business.




Contingent staffing makes up approximately 20 per cent of an average company’s staff, and is growing with each year. It is not only a flexible means of accessing talent fast, but also provides for quality workforce solutions that can be applied with immediate effect.

Our contingent staffing solutions cover a diverse spectrum of industries and job functions. With a particular focus on IT Contracting, we deliver the qualified experienced talent, when and as you need them. Temporary or contract staff provide flexibility in the workplace, enabling a seamless, trouble-free response to a variety of vacancies and business needs. It is essential that companies start to optimize and engage this segment of the workforce as part of their overall workforce planning to ensure that they attract the best temporary or contract talent in order to maximise productivity and create a successful and flexible business.

Regardless of whether it’s an assignment of one day, one week, six months or longer, whatever your needs are, DEM Asia has the solution to your contingent staffing and workforce planning requirements. We will work with you to find the correct contingent staffing solutions to support and enhance your workforce strategies.