Pizza is Better Cold

Like many others on New Years Day I was suffering from a horrendous hang over, and reached for my phone and drunk dialed my ex.  We had been together for years off and on, as I drifted from relationship to relationship, and although the way we communicated has changed with technology over the years I have never felt rejected until 9.30pm on New Years day when Dominos declined to take my order, “I am sorry your nearest store is closed”…WT  🙁

Their well advertised 20 minute promise of satisfaction was just a beer dream.  But if it wasn’t for that rejection I would never have met my new love, my local pizzeria “Out of Italy” who was on my door step in 40 minutes with pizza box in hand.

So when I was fully recovered, well sober, I did a little research and was surprised to discover that local pizzerias actually control 55.7% of the pizza market. The balance of the market is largely Dominos 25% and possibly a revitalized Pizza Hut.

In July last year Eagle Boys Pizza went into Administration, and has now been scoped up by new Pizza Hut owners,   Allegro Capital.

If Allegro can maintain the balance of the Eagle Boys store network of some 150 stores, the combined and rebranded Pizza Hut group will represent just 15% of the market.

So why is it that the major chains have failed to dominate the market? Maybe it’s the fact that there is no place to sit down.

The Pizza Hut of my youth wasn’t a convenience store, it was a family venue where you ate in, and the majority of the independents like “Out of Italy” are still that, a thriving take away business with family restaurant appeal.

The only pizza chain in this space is Victoria’s famed La Porcetta, a stalwart of my Melbourne University days, now a national chain with 70 eat in restaurants in Australia and New Zealand with plans for more.

So maybe a revitalized Pizza Hut should take a leaf out of the Grill’d book and follow La Portcetta’s example.

You would never have thought 10 years ago that you could drive business away from the McDonalds and Hungry Jacks, or change peoples perception of what a burger is, but Grill’d has created a unique niche and a great dine in experience.

But what do I know, I like my pizza cold.










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