Candidate and Electoral Services Overview

DEM Asia provides election and campaign accounting services to candidates, groups and third party fundraisings at Federal, NSW State and NSW Local Government levels.

DEM Asia also supplies Candidate Agents to registered campaigns and third party campaigners to perform their reporting obligations.

Depending on the level of government, the reporting requirements around political donations and spending are complex and time consuming, over spending and under reporting can result in pecuniary damages and jail for false declarations.

Our Programme

Phase 1 – Campaign Budget Preparation

In order to maximise the value of allowed expenditure it is necessary to ensure that the campaigner has a robust budget and control of costs to ensure they do not exceed caps.

The budget is set out in accordance with the reportable expenditure categories set out by the NSW Electoral Commission.

Phase 2 – Campaign Expenditure Management

DEM Asia uses a system of adobe managed tools to track and approve purchase orders against budget limits.

Approved purchase orders are then provided to suppliers and invoices matched for payment.

Phase 3 – Political Donation Acceptance and Reporting

DEM Asia manages the donation and reporting infrastructure to ensure compliance with the complex donor management requirements in respect to both capped donation and prohibited donor requirements.

The Official Agent then manages the fortnightly reporting requirements for the Pre-election Reporting period.

Phase 4 – Cash flow Management and Reporting

This phase involves the weekly reporting of cash management and cash flow for the campaign account, as well as the reconciliation of the campaign accounts.

Phase 5 – Campaign Reporting

The final phase includes the processing of financial accounts for the campaign account, the splitting of reportable expenditure into categories and the submission of lodgements and audit papers to the relevant Electoral Commission including Half yearly and Annual Expenditure and Donation Lodgements

Phase 6 – Campaign Advertising

This phase includes the management and maintenance of Advertising and Reporting ledgers for the campaign