It is no longer just the public that is influenced by the media, the courts are more concerned than ever about what is in the public interest.

Clients in litigation have the dual battle of defending their position in a court of law, while also defending their position in the court of public opinion, where the stakes are considerably higher both internally and externally.

DEM Asia advisers have the experience to assist litigants in managing the public messaging around litigation:

  • Evaluation and analysis of public relations liability and damages exposure that could result from the litigation
  • Evaluation and analysis of public relations defenses
  • Analyzing the ability of parties on either side of litigation to effectively respond to the media
  • Understanding the media impacts of evidentiary disclosures on a client’s market.
  • Intentionally generate more public attention for a legal matter.

We operate in a 24/7 world of communication where a single incident can destroy a business before the first staff member reaches the office.  Being prepared mitigates the risk and increase the chances of success no matter what the court outcome.

Traditional news media no longer have the power they once did, but the media still plays a significant role in curating the message to the pubic.– the issue of who to communicate with and how, is more important than ever