Even in times of low interest rates, cash is still king, especially in situations where external funding is unavailable or cash on balance sheet is an important issue for lending and covenant management.

Our short-term and middle to long-term approaches towards cash flow review and analysis represent one of the most effective techniques for establishing effective working capital controls and improving cash visibility.

Recognising the fundamental role of cash culture within a business results in a more effective application of free cash, lower administrative costs, reduced borrowing needs and improved investment performance overall.

DEM Asia works closely with Board,  Management and Treasury teams to ensure cash forecasting and management methodologies are tailored to each individual business situation.

  • covenant testing and short term cash campaigns
  • cash forecasting and visibility testing
  • medium – long term financial forecasts for going concern support
  • cash culture workshop and management programmes
  • aligning cash KPI’s and management
  • crisis cash management